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Civil Engineering design

We provide professional services for a wide range of civil engineering projects, for public, utilities companies, commercial and private clients.

Our projects range from small housing estate highways, below ground drainage and retaining wall schemes, through ground and foundation movement investigation, to detailed analysis and design of buildings and structures, drainage and water storage, ground works or foundations for major projects buildings and structures.

Our design expertise encompasses all conventionally adopted materials using recognised and advanced techniques.

We regularly design projects of reinforced concrete and steel framed construction, steel concrete and other composite construction, masonry, timber, structural aluminium and glass construction.

Projects have included the analysis and design of foundations, piling, retaining walls, slopes, embankments, ground anchors, temporary works and below ground drainage schemes.

Designs of more complex structures are undertaken, including antennae, masts, space frames, tensile, cable stayed, stressed skin, post-tensioned and or pre-stressed structures.

Dynamic analysis and design of more dynamically sensitive or critical structures can be undertaken.

Design is fully supported with computer structural analysis design aids and tools, including finite element model and space frame model structural analysis.

Design and drawing is output using CAD facilities.

We value highly and ensure development of a close working relationship with the client, Architect and other design professionals.

Civil Engineering activities

We outline a brief summary of those Civil Engineering activities we undertake. These include:

5.2.1 Design and analysis of: Buildings and Structures Bridges Masts and Towers Foundations Underpinning and foundation stabilisation Piling Deep basements and water retaining construction Temporary works Earth retaining structures and retaining walls including: Mass concrete gravity Reinforced concrete Masonry Reinforced masonry Ground anchored Soil nailing Reinforced earth Structural steel sheeting Piling Timber Slopes and embankments including: Un-reinforced slopes Ground anchored Soil nailing Reinforced earth
5.2.2 Dynamic and earthquake design

5.2.3 Below ground drainage and sewers

5.2.4 Buildings and structures survey and investigation

5.2.5 Foundation and ground investigation

5.2.6 Precision monitoring of structural, ground and or foundation movement

5.2.7 Detailed assessment and analysis of foundation movement and settlement

5.2.8 Feasibility studies and advice

5.2.9 Contract administration

5.2.10 Project Management

We value highly and ensure development of a close working relationship with the client, Architect and other design professionals.

Please refer to Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering - Foundation design, Piling, earth retaining structures and retaining walls, Temporary Works Design, Ground and foundation investigation, Project management and other related sections, these include: Building and Structure design, Refurbishment and conservation design, foundation design, Surveys, appraisals, structural investigation and reports, Subsidence investigation, Dangerous and unsafe structure investigation, remedial design and control.

Structural Engineering

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Geotechnical Engineering

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